Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro takes place in the heart of Venice, only ten minutes walking from Saint Marc square.

Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro takes place in one of the most residential area of Venice, Castello district, few minutes walking from Saint Marc Square.

The complete address is: Salizada Santa Giustina 2926, Castello 30300, Venezia.

The nearest waterbus stop:

  • San Marco - San Zaccaria: Actv lines 2 - 4.1 - 4.2 - 5.1 - 5.2 - 20 - N (N line is the nocturne one taht runs from midnight until 6 am);
  • Celestia: Actv lines 4.1- 4.2

There are many ways to reach us: we suggest you the two most suggestive ones (the first from Saint - Marc Square and the waterbus stop San Zaccaria, the latter from Santa Lucia railway station); anyway don't hesitate to contact us for more informations..it's easier that it seems! 

  • from Saint Marc square (12 min walking): take Riva degli Schiavoni and continue until the first bridge after Danieli hotel (from San Marco - San Zaccaria waterbus stop: just turn on the left and take the first street on your right without crossing any bridge, than proceed as the following indications suggest you) and take Calle del Vin; once arrived at campo San Provolo (point of reference: a music shop) take your right ; carry on until the next bridge in Grecs square, go up the bridge and than take on your right (you have to pass next to Liassidi Palace Hotel, that is well visible from the street); at the end of the street turn left; walk for a minute and once arrived to a little croassroads, choose the street on your left; after 50 metres, follow the street curving on your left and go on in San Giorgio Schiavoni street (with a canal on your right side); cross the first bridge on your right and pass the little Corte Nuova arch (it's a wodden colonnade with frescoes on its walls): at the end of this little street you are arrived in Salizada Santa Giustina and Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro is just on your right side.
  • from Santa Lucia railwaystation (40 min walking): take the railway station behind you and go on Lista di Spagna, the street on your left full of shops; continue straight on until the end of Strada Nuova 8 more or less 15/20 minutes walking); once arrived in Santi Apostoli square, cross the bridge on your right and than turn right; straight on until the next bridge where you turn on your left (not crossing this bridge); continue until San Canciano square and than Santa Maria Nova square (if you see the yellow road sings for the Hospital, you can follows it); cross the square and take the first street on your left (there is a bar at the corner and a church in front of you); continue for 3 minutes and once arrived at the Hospital go on again (Barbaria de le Tole street); at the end of the street, turn righr and than left; crosse the little bridge e continue for 1 minutes: the palace is just on your left.