Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

An unforgettable experience, surrounded by artworks and history, listening beautiful music and eating a delicious dinner gourmet.

Together, in a social way.

The concept of the Venice Music Gourmet events, created by a group of experts in complementary fields from Venice, is to recreate the distinguished and elegant atmospheres of the noble Venetian evenings during the Golden age of Serenissima Republic. At that time music was mainly composed (and played) for commission by nobles or merchands that organised for their guests weekly or monthly special events: surrounded by fine artworks, guests passed long nights chatting together, listening to high-quality music and tasting delicious food and wines.

Conviviality is a key point of our project: more and more pressed by the modern hectic day life, always more frequently we forget how important is to give yourselself  time to live a special and intime event spending time with your friends or family.. enjoing a beautiful concert and tasting a delicious dinner with good wines!

For our two weekly appointements - on Thursdays the Jazz Venice Evening and on Fridays the Gala Vivaldi - we choose to combine in one of the most beautiful locations in Venice a concert together with a convivial moment, as a dinner is, not only to make complete and truly unique your event, but also to offer to our guests the perfect solution at the question so frequently posed in Venice: where eat in Venice after 9.00 mp?

Venice Music Gourmet is not only music and dinner event at the palace, but it is an authentic experience into an experience, a unique situation to enjoy art in the deep in a intime, elegant and convivial location: the only one event in Venice that join together a gourmet dinner and a great concert in a precious location.