Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

The most prominent musicians of the famous Venetian school at the Gala Vivaldi.

Antonio Vivaldi Venice Orchestra is formed by soloists  and winners of numerous international awards, interpreters that join together to develop a new strings ensemble with the aim to re-experience the famous strings venetians tradition, re-nowed all over the word for its specifc way of use bowes.

All the musicians, leaders in their sections, came from the most eminent italian orchestras as the La Fenice Theater - Venice, the Comunale Theater -  Bologna, the Solisti Italiani, the Archi della Scala - Milan; moreover all of them have enriched their carrers with important collaborations with international level soloists as P. Verniko, A. Meunier, K. Bogino, Harada, J. Demus, B. Belkin,..

In addition to their soloist carrers, Antonio Vivaldi Venice Orchestra musicians are regular professors of their instruments in the most pregious Italian Conservatories in Italy, as Padova, Venezia, Castelfranco Veneto, Sassari.

Among the aims of the project there is also the admission in the soloist carrer of young talent whom is offer the chance to the Venice Music Gourmet 2017 concert season.

From the 2017 season are scheduled collaborations with renowed soiloists that will be invited to take part to the Gala Vivaldi.

Covering a repertoire  fromthe baroque period to the Ninetheenth century, this wide repertoire give the chance to each soloist to express their own virtuosity performing compositions by Vivaldi, Corelli, Albinoni, Marcello, Tartini, Bach, Haendel, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Tchaykovsky, Rota, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, ecc..

Antonio Vivaldi Venice Orchestra is composed by:

  • Violins Carlo Lazzari, Enzo Ligresti, Martina Lazzarini, Erica Fassetta, Glauco Bertagnin;
  • Violas Mario Paladin, Francesca Levorato, Alberto Belli;
  • Cellos Francesco Ferrarini, Giuseppe Barutti, Serena Mancuso;
  • Doublebass Franco Catalini;
  • Harpsicord Silvia Gobbin.

The Antonio Vivaldi Venice Orchestra partecipates at the Festival Grandi Interpreti  organized by the Theater of Sassari playing together with M° Milenkovich on 3rd March 2017; moreover is is the principal Orchestra invited at the Porto Cervo Music Festival 2017.