Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

An introduction to the differents concerts we produce in occasion of special private events.

Our stage management, having more than an hundred professional musicians, can organise every type of live music performance: from a string quartet concert to opera, from Jazz to Ethnic genre, Tango and Latin American music or the underground electronic music.

Here you are some suggestions about the more esteemed programmes by our clients, anyway don't hesitate to contact us for further informations about other musical ideas:  

  • ORCHESTRA ANTONIO VIVALDI DI VENEZIA: directed by M° De Stasio, join together the most important Venetian soloist, all international level musicians and Conervatory professor of their instrument; i migliori solisti veneti; its repertory range from the Baroque era of Vivaldi, Tartini, Corelli or Bach untill the First XIXth century composers as Fauré or Saint- Saen; usually composed by seven musicians in the occasion of  Gala Vivaldi at the Venice Music Gourmet concert Season, propose Quartet, Duet or more than twenty musicians concert too.
  • JAZZ VENICE TRIOjoin together three of the most eminent Jazz musicians in Venice proposing a various and wide repertory that range from the elegant sound of the classical Jazz (as C. Porter. G. Gershwin, H. Mancini, G. Miller, D. Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald) untill the captivating tones of Italian music (as Pino Daniele, Morricone, Modugno or Mina) in theri Jazz and swing arrangements (exclusive concert for the Jazz Venice Evening); the stunnig voice of Francesca Viaro go with the virtuoso pianist and composer Marco Ponchiroli and the enchanting sound of Alvise Seggi at doublebass.
  • TANGO IN VENICE: guided by G. Fassetta accordionist, an ensemble composed by four violinists and a bandoneonist, tells about the History of Argentine Tango through its most important and popular songs; leaving from the Habanera (music of African origin), the various phases in Tango's development will be retrace by it's tunes and lyrics untill the more modern sounds of Astor Piazzolla, for an fascinating and enchanting event.
  • VENICE ORIENTAL MUSIC EXPERIENCE: a concert that lead guests in a itinerary thorugh sounds, dances, voices and musics of the Mediterranean; an imaginary journey following the ancient trade routes from the Venetian harbor to East passing through all the Mediterranean ethnic sound; a captivating show that unify an exquisite live acustic concert to imagines, atmospheres and ancient words to relive an exclusive and intense journey suspending in time and space, in dream and reality. 
  • TRAVELLING WITH MARCO POLO: a unique music event join together to olfactory perception, a real a show that involved all your senses suggestively; a pathway along the Mediterranean with its sounds and its parfums.. a real itinerant show where guests will move in different halls each characterized by a particular aroma (dinner optional); exclusive rights of its production of Venice Music Gourmet and Sfc Company.

The concert could be completed with a tailored dinner, brunch or happy hour: don't hesitate to contacta us to tell how you imagine your event, we will realised it!