Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

Let your private event be unforgettable 

Venice Music Gourmet, first of all, is a team of experts in catering (in particular related to our traditional food and wines), music and event planning based in Venice that has many years of expertise in all the Veneto region in the business and private events industry.

Our key strengths:

  • Venice: we usually work with the most eminent institutions of our  district (theatres, palaces, Festivals, ..) enhancing your event with individual solutions tailored on your requests (lights, flowers, atmospheres, musics, food, ..) to create your own unique experience;
  • Music: we present different music programmes, that range from the classical music to the Jazz, through the Tango and Ethnic music, creating exclusive concert with musicians at the highest international level; 
  • Gourmet: we offer a tailored menù based on Venetian traditional recipes, daily homemade prepared by our chefs (curating also intollerancies or allergies); the service is elegant and classy, on demand it is possible to book a Murano glass set (glass and plates) created as an exclusive for your own event.

We are specialized in weddings (or marriage proposals) in Venice, anniversaries or private events, gala and romantic dinner, olfactory and sensorial dinner, dinner on Murano glass set, business events and meetings, incentives...we work with you to make unforgettable your unique event!

Il vostro evento privato o aziendale a Venezia, come lo avreste immaginato ma non sapevate come realizzarlo!

Venice is... the city built on water full of history and elegance, a city full of amazing secrets and hidden enchanting locations, it's the city of the artistic Murano glass and the Burano laces, Venice is the city of lovers and merchants, the city of Carnivals and its handmade mask, Venice is the city of music and gathering salons as weel as of parfums. 

Have you ever imagined that this elegant and exclusive Venice, would be yours for your special event?

Your private or business event in Venice as you have immaginated it but you haven't ever know how to realized it!

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