Venice Music Gourmet — Dinner with great music, in a venetian palace, in Venice.

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Tuesday, 4 April, 2017

Spring is the best season to visit Venice..heat waves aren't already beginning and the sunset starts at the dinner time: is realy macthless explore Venice inside in this period, walking in not so crowded street  and discovering hidden places and gardens or local bar where order a spritz (the local aperitif) together with friends or your lover!

Maybe you haven't already thought the more unmissable experience in Venice could be live a Saturday night in a noble palace in the heart of the city: Contarini della Porta di Ferro palace will opens its door for three exclusive events where taste, in the private courtyard, a delicious gourmet dinner with a menu focused on local recipes and listen an high level concert at the piano nobile. These Venice Music Gourmet events will not a simple and turistic dinner - show turistico, but an authentic experience where conciviality, elegance and tradition will match, a meeting place where Venetian people and foreigns will meet together to live a charming evening characterized by an ancient allure but with a moderne taste!  

As usual, the menù will be daily prepared on traditional recipes and seasonal primary ingredients from the Veneto region (for example, vegetables from sant'erasmo island), instead there will be some variations on musiial programmes. 


  • ITALIAN AND JAZZ SONGS - Saturday the 20th May 8.00 pm -  the Jazz Venice Trio will let you in an enchanting musical itinerary  on the notes of Modugno, Mina, Battisti, Conte and many other Italian composers...an Italian programme with a Jazz and Swing touch!
  • GALA VIVALDI - Saturday the 12th August 7.00 pm - The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi will emotion you due to their unique interpretation by Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi di Venezia!
  • GALA VIVALDI - Saturday the 23th September 7.00 pm - the Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi di Venezia present the Four Season in an hight level perfomance to relive the baroque atmosphere in the deep! 

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